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Adult Choir

The adult choir can be a tremendous asset to a church service.  I have been in church services where the choir was truly great and honored the God the people served.  I have also been in services where the choir was embarrassing and became the focus of the service rather than pointing toward the true focus of the sermon.

1.  When a church has a really good adult choir, it is a fantastic thing.  However, a really good choir takes time, teaching, and patience.  There are two philosophies about bad choirs.  One, it is better to have a really bad choir than to have no choir at all.  The second is it is better to not have a choir than to have a really bad one.  I hold to the second one.  The goal in a choir is to honor God and prepare for the sermon.  A bad choir can eliminate both.  It might be better for the choir to learn one song really well and sing it one Sunday.  The choir then learns another song really well and sings it when ready.  In this way you start to build a repertoire of songs the choir can sing.  At this point the choir can sing more and more frequently until it is singing every Sunday.

2.  One of the problems in starting a choir is when the announcement is made to join the choir, you may get individuals who really cannot sing but have been told they can.  This leads to a situation where the person(s) really affect the choir poorly or to a situation where you have to tell the person they cannot be in choir any longer.  Neither is a good position to be in.  In my estimation the best way to start a choir is to not start a choir but rather to start a small group (even as few as three) who can sing pretty well.  Develop the group as the core of your future choir.  As the small group starts working well as a team, you can then search for a coupe more people that sing well to add them to the group.  It will take some time, but after a while you will have a solid group of people that sing well together and that becomes the formation of the choir.

3.  Choir music has to be chosen carefully.  First, it has to meet the guidelines set up so the music meets Biblical guidelines.  But beyond this, you must know your choir and its capabilities.  Pushing a choir to perform a four-part number when they are only capable of a two- or three-part number could result in disaster.


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