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Purpose of Music

On the previous page, we saw that music was created by God Himself.  So how did music get to earth?  God created birds to sing.  God created whales and dolphins to sing.  God created man with the ability to sing.  Music is a heavenly gift that God has given the world and, in particular, mankind.  There is only one other gift like that: the Bible.  Think about how powerful the Bible is on people’s lives, not just spiritually but physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Now think about how powerful music is on peoples’ lives.  Music affects humans physically, emotionally, and mentally1Music is the most powerful influence on human beings in the world, second only to the Bible.  Fundamentalists focus upon learning what the Bible says but often fail to learn anything about the other heavenly gift of music.  This attitude is particularly confusing when two entire books, Psalms and Song of Solomon, are devoted entirely to music. This is why Satan, the master musician, can gain a foothold into many Christians lives.

On the last page, we saw Satan was created as a cherub.  Examining the role of cherub lends more insight into the purpose of music.  I Kings 8:7 and I Chronicles 28:18 state the cherub images in the Israelite temple cover the Ark of the Covenant, a picture of a heavenly throne.  Hebrews 9:5 states the cherubim cover the mercy seat in heaven.  Finally, Psalm 99:1 states that God sits between the cherubim in heaven.  The cherubim have an important role in heaven to hover around God’s throne worshiping Him continually.  Ezekiel calls Satan the anointed cherub, probably referring to him being in charge of the cherubim.  Satan was the head cherub and was given by God the ability to create music.  From this we can conclude three things.  First, music was created by God in heaven.  Two, music was created for the worship of God.  Finally, Satan is a master musician.

This and the previous webpage have described the origins of music. From this description several important conclusions may be drawn. The first of these is that God Himself created music as a powerful force upon men. Music then cannot be taken lightly nor dismissed as irrelevant. Because Christians often adopt a humanistic view of music in that they assume music to be a earthly creation, the prevalent attitude is that any type of music will do and the quality of music performance is not important. If one adopts a Biblical perspective of music, then the type of music to which one listens is extremely important and the performance of music should be to the best of one's ability. Music was created for worshiping God, not just for man's recreation.

The second conclusion drawn from the preceding discussion is that Satan is a master musician. As such, music becomes one of the best tools Satan can use to keep the unsaved from receiving Christ and to corrupt Christians. One of the best examples of this is to look at churches that have changed from using the correct Bible to some corrupt version. This change is almost always preceded or concurrent with a change in the music program. Churches that adopt “contemporary worship” services in order to “reach” a younger crowd combine this change with replacing the authoritative Scriptures with a watered-down version that is “easier” to understand. Satan uses the corruption of one heavenly gift to replace the other one and eventually destroy the evangelistic message of the church.

This same corruption takes place on an individual level. If Satan can get a believer to listen to worldly sounding “Christian” music (e.g. “Christian” rock, “Christian” rap), then the believer is drawn off into a realm of what sounds good and what feels good. At this point the Christian is led by feelings and not the Spirit. The person who has gone down this path then starts to do three things. The first is to rationalize and often push to change the scriptures to a “simpler” version. The second thing the believer does is to justify the need for a “contemporary” Church service that is more “inviting” (i.e. entertaining) for younger people. Finally, the believer ministers only in areas internal to the church. A person that falls into Satan's trap of worldly “Christian” music rarely is involved voluntarily with outreach ministries such as soul winning, bus ministry, or nursing homes. This person focuses instead upon ministries that avoid evangelism such as church cleaning, nursery, and special music to name a few. These ministries are all important very important but can become hiding places for those avoiding soul winning. Satan uses music to draw the believer away from the scriptures and away from evangelistic service, rendering the believer totally ineffective for God.

Music is not a force to be taken lightly. It must be utilized carefully and safeguarded at all costs. It is the most common device Satan uses to get a foothold in churches and in individual Christian lives.

One of the myths circulating today is that while the words of a song need to be Biblically sound, musical notes by themselves are amoral, neither right nor wrong.  People making this argument are generally trying to justify placing Godly words with worldly notes.  It is in the manner that Satan gains a foothold in churches to distract them from fulfilling their mission.  Satan knows that once he gains gets the worldly music into a church and the congregation's hearts, it is a short trip to get in other worldliness.  It is also interesting to note that there is a link between a church changing its music standards and the adoption of other versions of the Bible that are based on corrupt Greek and Hebrew manuscripts.


1The justification for this statement comes later as the website develops.

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